Research technician as a member of the Thalassia Experimental Network

Performed data collection, citizen science outreach and research station management for the Eleuthera site of an international seagrass exclusion experiment

Duncan O’Brien


September 2, 2019


Two peer reviewed publications (Campbell et al. 2024 & Fourquean et al. 2023) and ~50 citizen scientists

a) Resident green turtle

a) Resident green turtle

b) local groups involved in the experiment

b) local groups involved in the experiment

The Thalassia Experimental Network is a Smithsonian Institute project aiming to identify the impacts of tropicalisation on seagrass functioning.

I contributed to the Eleutheran site of this network by managing the site’s data collection and research protocol.

This involved simulating fish herbivory across the seagrass exclusion cages (see Figure 1a) and estimating biomass changes across the varying exclusions.

The project also actively encouraged Bahamians and tourists to help in the data collection. I therefore wrote risk assessments and designed briefings to ensure safe, equitable and high quality data collection practices.